White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Staying on track

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Staying on track

Wow ... made the deadline! Let's see here. Got the fire ready yesterday ... and it lit itself in the fire place. That was nice. Just rebuild it and re-light ... and try not to burn self on match while instructing Tyrants to stop torturing the pets and do their homework. Only 15 more years of that particular scenario to go. Remove the indelible stain of pasta sauce from the TSD uniforms after SOMEONE thought it would be good to finish up the noodles from lunch. Good thing for the bleach stick. My PC woes continue. Surprising how two years of personalization and tweaking can permeate every sub system in a machine and make it so uniquely unreproducible. Then, at TSD I managed to split the callous on my foot wide open. Nothing like sliding a set of crevices filled with pain over a salt flecked floor only to be upbraided for failing to concentrate on the form at hand. GHA! Must be the dry air because it can certainly not be from my extraordinary power of kicks! So, a liberal application of super-glue helped seal up the fissures and added a protective layer to the area to keep the old flippers in one piece for a bit. Now, to get my right hand fingers unglued from the damn vanity and the left from my right heel! I just have to keep injury free till the TSD test this weekend (Red Belt) and hopefully a bit beyond. Speaking of that, I was also doing drills with the lilliputian guild last night and one of the mobile biological weapons sneezed right in my face while I was holding up the kick/punch pads. No warning, no attempt to divert ... a full blast shot of contagion for my inhalation pleasure. Fantastic Monday. My callow evaluation of the situation is certainly setting me up for disaster ... I really should be counting my blessings.

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