White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Running on vapors

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Running on vapors

I'm spent. Exhausted. But not yet fatigued. Still got some spoons left. Tea spoons, but they'll do. Anyways, At TSD last night, after I finished the adult torture session, I was talking to Master Smith about the Tyrants and he made a comment that when Ghengis Jake puts his mind to it, he can really do 'good' karate. He just gets bored with doing the same thing over and over again. Damn. If I were a Green Belt at 5 ... sigh. Kids these days, you know.

Other news: Weight, Diet, and failing hardware. And by failing hardware, I do not mean my obdurate joints and appendages ... and brain-bucket. No, the corpse of the work pc has been sent to the disposal depot and a new one is on order. Hopefully, it will be an enterprise level unit and a 'COTS' (consumer off the shelf) pos. First things first: I'm back down to 185. Even though my dinners are mostly steak/shrimp/wine/cheese, I seem to be shedding that indelible 10 pound layer of 'famine resistant' flesh I've been lugging about since Thanksgiving. Good riddance; just in time for Superbowl weekend. If I could ever reach that 175lb goal (another pertinacious 10 lbs), this is the year. Problem is that I found all that red meat in the freezer and that other goal of eating it all comes first. Right under 'manage the budget better'. Rats.

Work related news, my annual review went well but I'll be picking up pager duty for a week in the near future. That should sour my mood appropriately. I'll be singing my usual caterwaul of discontented grumblings and moans of unjust conditions. Wine, wine, wine.

Oh, and I watched too much television last night after hours. What a waste ... I could have been sleeping. Note to self: Jackass II isn't funny after the first 15 minutes ... watching 90 minutes of that tripe can only be useful as to inculcate the next generation as to what happens when you don't stay in school.

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