White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Recap Redux 2008 Edition

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Recap Redux 2008 Edition

Again with the late posts. Will this madness ever end!? I suppose, when I stop drinking so much. Like, RIGHT! Pass that bottle of scotch while you are rolling on the floor, laughing. In any event, down to brass tacks here. Last Friday, the kids went to TSD practice and were rather attentive. I was shocked ... but mostly attribute this to the promise of 'Sudden Death Dodge Ball of DOOOOMMMM!' at the end of class. The Zeitgeist of their generation will be a compulsion to stick a thumb in the eye of PC Oversight. Indeed, later that night Jake and Gramps play 'Transformer Shoot-em-up Hide and Go Seek'. Absurdly hilarious to watch Gramps and Jake trade volleys of nerf darts between the expanses between living and dining rooms as they shout out gnomic quips at each-other. Saturday, we run off to the local thespian venue to watch the Wizard of Oz as portrayed by Storybook Musical Theatre. The facility is called the Mitchell (Asphund) Performing Arts Center in a small religious swedenborgian community called Bryn Athyn. The kids 'mostly' sit still for the entire production and it is looking as though we may need to return for a few more presentations of other 'adaptations' over the following months. Odd, what your children can become entranced by. The other events may be less interesting to Jake, but we shall see.

The rest ... well, not too interesting. Sunday was church and installing a mirrored sliding closet door in Jakes room. Monday, we slept in a bit then stayed up till 0400 at the Seliga's place. I did not drink as much as I thought I would. Strange. I had wine, vodka and enough beverages of various toxicity that I should have been miserable the next day. Nope, just fine after noon. The Tyrants, as is their style, were maniacal till we strapped them into the Family Tank V2.0 and passed out before we even managed to get to the street from the driveway. Then, in a burst of spoon surplus activity, I put together the tool chest I got from my parents on Christmas and tried to fill it. I put up wall shelves in Ghengis' room along with a picture (that was mostly debate between the tolerant Mrs and I over what would be an optimal location), Framed and placed a picture in Attila's room ... put up more pictures in frames ... friggen Smithsonian art gallery we have going here in the Manor! So yeah, happy 2008 folks ... started out a lot more dull than 2007!

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