White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Number 2 day

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Number 2 day

Quick one today since I posted so late yesterday. That gave me very little time to accumulate enough material to complain about. We are starting a new software cycle at my place of employment and since we use Agile Development, this will be a bit more intense given that it is NEW development and not just patching holes in the bucket. Even with that bigger boulder laying before me, my Sisyphusian zombie mode failed to kick in and I still did not get out of bed before 0700. Slacker. This 'sprint' will last till the beginning of February. I've managed to land the responsibility for implementing a bit of code that will allow easy access to the DB for the legacy system. I'm the lynch-pin ... the bottle-neck .... or the weak-link. Either way, I've got a steep slope to climb with this boulder.

Cute (proud daddy) story of the day time. When I dropped off the Tyrants at the DayCare/ReEducation Facility this morning, I ran into their 'Head Mistress' and exchanged a few quick words of salutation and such. Before I departed, she grabbed a stack of books off counter from amongst a rabble of wet wipes and paper towels. It was a series of books that had sight words in them. She noted that the kids had already mastered the words they were supposed to learn for the year and she did not want them to get bored. The teacher is paying special attention to MY KIDS! And not that 'bad attention' the Scrupulous Mrs feared that they would be attracting soon due to my ... interesting lessons and their Death Strike Karate skills. I had a bunch of words lined up on flash cards for them, but this institutionalized methodology will do just fine in my efforts to raise erudite world conquerers.

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