White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Friday Surprise

Friday, January 04, 2008


Friday Surprise

Okay, I had some issues earlier today ... mostly because of the power problems in the Manor last night. When the Mrs came by to pick up the Tyrants after their session was finished, she complained that we had a power outage and now the central AI system in the Manor would not come online. By the time I got home, she had determined that the problem was with the circuit breaker on the main power grid panel and reset it. When I did a cursory inspection, I also found a lighting fixture that had a bulb burn out in a most fantastic way. Replacing it, I figured that there was some sort of power surge due to the cold. Probably a transformer blew or someone did something foolish. Might explain why the Mrs saw 2 emergency vehicles on the way home and I saw a few in the development on the other side of the feeder street that runs beyond the Haupertonian Empire territories. The arcanum of what they were doing will probably never be known to me ... I've never seen a published police report from the local constabulary. Here is were things get interesting though. Sometime between 0100 when I crawled into bed and 0700 the next morning, we had another extended outage. We are obdurate people when it comes to the cold so the lack of electric only musses up all the damned clocks. Except for my 'nuclear' one ... but it does not have an alarm. It does have a weather sensor that Jake loves to check every morning. Tells him if it is sunny or not. Reports that data to everyone he sees in the morning. Watch out Hurricane Schwartz (one look and you think: Less Nessman)! So, instead of the alarm going off at 0600 ... my eyes creak open at 0700 and I think ... odd, there is light coming from outside! I roll over and see the clock complaining about 0330 ... no, unless Philadelphia is burning, this is not right. Two options run through my mind 1)DUCK AND COVER or 2) The clock is wrong. Being the optimistic fellow I am, I assume that number 2 is more likely. And indeed, after jostling the Mrs awake, we find that we are running an hour behind. The external Manor lighting is still on and the Atomic Clock is accurately stating what I already believe. Nice to get that extra hour of sleep ... not so nice to rush about and try to recover it. Stupid PECO.

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