White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Friday Rut?

Friday, December 07, 2007


Friday Rut?

Another slow day ... thank God. I've been feeling a bit worn down of late and could use a good 'RUT' to lay in. Perhaps tonight I should get my recalcitrant rear to bed when the kids settle down and tuck some Zs into my investment folder. I'll need it since we are planning to go up to Parsippany on Saturday for a 1st birthday party. Yes, the same people we went to for a wedding ... where I rolled the Family Tank V1.0. This time, however, I plan on being a bit more wary of my fellow travelers. Since gasoline prices just dipped below 3$/gal here, we should not have to raid the Holiday Slush Fund just to pay for the fuel and tolls. Of course, this will pretty much eat up the whole day so I'll not get a chance to put up the lights on the Manor. Poor me. Ooot ... dripped some sarcasm on my boots there, pardon me. And on that note, I'll see ya'll on Monday, have a safe and warm weekend. Well, even you Miss Chris ... all warm and such in AZ. GRrrrrr.

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