White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Weekend Preview 20071124

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Weekend Preview 20071124

What a busy weekend and I'm only half way through this liquid joy. In the wee hours of the morning, I found myself watching Die Hard III (Damn, it's really starting to get silly but I do love the scene where John McClane rams a police cruiser into a toll booth so it will launch into the air and obliterate a helicopter. Any mortal would not survive throwing themselves from the cruiser, much less walk away. Indeed, the survivor in the aircraft is even more ridiculous. The appearance of Kevin Smith as a computer hacker was classic. And then there was Maggie Q. Rwawrrr! Then, I followed it up with a classic; The Dirty Dozen. Here is something that I found odd when reflecting on that bit of cinematic gold: Hollywood took the worst of the military and glamorized them 'back in the day'. Today, we take the best military men in the world (IMHO) and sully them. Of course, the war theme movies we are subjected to today are being snubbed on a colossally enormous level. Sure, they might get an award or two, but they are making ZERO money. Oh well, you reap what you sew. But enough soap-box pouting for me.

The next morning, I stumbled out into the 23 F morning air and damn near froze my nose hairs off when I took a deep breath. I proceeded to hock up lumps of frozen sputum and go to work splitting the wood from the trees we took down. Gramps and I managed to finish it all up before noon. I would have posted a picture but the absurd scale would be lost in this format. Once the pile grows over 6 foot high, it just gets hard to relate without context. This took till about 1100 it never got above 40 outside. When I tramped inside and shook the cold from my bones, I saw my son sitting at the kitchen table and he was out of his Jammies (Done with his blogging). I decided to ask him about his morning so far, it went something like this:

Me: Sooo, Jake. Did you get a bath?
Jake: No.
Me: So, you stink like a barn?
Jake: No! I took a shower.
Me: Ahhh, a shower, so you're Man's man!
Jake: Sometimes, a man needs to shower.
That's my little man.

Later in the afternoon, we went out to get a Christmas tree for the Tyrants to decorate on Sunday. As we do every year now, we got get the tree at Southview from the old Finn, Hemmo and his Mrs Patty. They are related to a man I used to work for many moons ago when I was still youthful and not quite so jaded. He talks much like many of my fellow rural Minnesotans ... makes me feel like I'm back there. Such a seasonal treat. Loves his work; crafting Christmas. Afterwards, we ran off to the library for the millionth time this week and loaded up with another bazillion DVDs. Most of them look like they were run over with a lavastone sand-paper equipped floor buffer. I cannot imagine how someone could treat public property such, so we ended up paging over the unreadable sectors. Mostly it was a problem with the newer publications ... the educational ones. I almost suspect sabotage. From there, I dropped off the Tyrants and the Mrs at Barnes&Nobles Booksellers while I make an epicurean pilgrimage to the Wine Equivalent of the Great Library of Alexandria called Northside. Did I mention that they have one of the most complete displays of single malt scotch? Hmmm? hint, HINT! I picked up a couple cases of local vintages that I cannot get elsewhere and a few bottles of imported vino ... before the price gets absurd due to exchange rates. It's already out of control so it may be a few years before things are more rational and I can afford a good Bordeaux or a Spanish Rioja. Nevermind Australian Merlot or Shiraz. Sigh.

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