White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Vacation Day 2

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Vacation Day 2

A little late here ... should have posted this last night but I was rather ... umm, busy? No, that is not entirely accurate. Mostly, we spent the day watching DVDs with the Tyrants and then went back to the Library to return the ones we had seen so we could borrow more. I spent a bit of time collecting the rounds of wood that we had left laying about the previous day and stacked them under the survey deck off the back of the FOB. That was about it. The Tyrants did get to make noodles with Grams though. We are expecting to have some left-overs and chicken (turkey) noodle soup is definitely a future meal. Nice Italian Pasta maker that goes by the name 'Deluxe Atlas Pasta Queen' ... by Marcato for Himark. Nope, no lead formed parts from China or child laborer bones from a sweatshop located in some God Forsaken hellhole. So, noodle away little ones ... just be careful of that damned bleached flour and the antibiotic infused eggs!

On a note entirely in line with the thread, I found a meme about things to be grateful for via Joan at A Short in the Cord. Here are mine:
1) Power Tools - HOT DIGGITY! Chain Saw ahoy!
2) Wood burning stoves - Carbon, shmarbon ... its a renewable resource.
3) The Military - be it ever so maligned, makes my plush life attainable.
4) TiVo - I'm not a tool of 5th avenue bullet-heads.
5) Internet - better than cheese, brain-cheese that is! (wink-wink)
6) The Mrs - best friend I ever had, no matter how much we bicker
7) The Tyrants - Changed my life more than MS
8) USA - best damn country in the world, by extension, see #3
9) TSD - exhausts the kids, helps me keep MS in check
10) Stem Cell Research - Not what you think! See here and here.

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