White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Happy Local Elections Day!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Happy Local Elections Day!

Normally, Tuesdays are just a small set of stepping stones in the long climb towards the weekend. Today, the stones were spaced well apart and there were an exceedingly large number of them. So, last night I picked up a few finished boards from the Home Depot Temple and cut some shelves for the Mrs. She was happy with them. The Tyrants ate their lunch, enjoyed swimming, listened in karate and ate dinner quick enough to have some play time. I got them into their bath and then dried their hair before the Mrs read them a bed time story. Within what seemed like seconds, of course, after a restless night it was time to wake up again. Over the last week, our phone answering machine has been an electronic bugbear spewing out line after line of mud-slinging political messages. It is election sign season here and the balkanized nature of pennsyltucky politics means that you have to elect virtually every damn person down to your garbage man! I am gleeful that this will be over soon and the signs will slowly decay (what massive FILTH bespots our landscape, they just lay there for weeks) and eventually, be removed by forced labor details. So, to do my civic duty, I scurried off to the polling location I'm assigned to and brought the Tyrants with me. It was a miserable morning, 49 degrees Fahrenheit and drizzle from the low-hung grey clouds coating the leaf strewn streets. Accident fodder. I take it slow and get there at 0715 ... and there are only polling officials. I'm in, I vote, I let the tyrants push the 'VOTE' button and we are gone again. All of about 30 minutes between the departure from the Manor to drop off at the ReEducation/DayCare center. Not to bad ... I'll have to make sure I do not try to show up early next year ... standing in the cold, wet November mornings with the Tyrants (who desperately want to assault everyone else in line) is not worth it.

In other news, gas prices are going up. You know, because speculators are betting on a long, cold, hard winter and the need for heating oil. Again, I hope the bastards loose their shirts. Jerks. Gasoline went from $2.50USD to nearly $2.90USD in a matter of weeks.

And just so you all know, the end 'Daylight Savings' is the official start of the Depression Season. Do what you need to stay in good spirits. Seasonal Mood Disorder is a nasty little nit and not very helpful if your health is on the fringe.

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