White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Unusual Occurance

Friday, October 19, 2007


Unusual Occurance

I usually do not post on Fridays ... mostly because I do not feel beholden to actually produce any tangible product on a day that is primarily reserved for meetings in which 'others' do their best to empty their plates onto mine. My primary task is to repel those 'time hobgoblins' at all costs. Today, it seems to have been a moderately light skirmish so I have a few spare moments to yammer about the standard banalities that my life is composed of.

In the Good News column, my upper back feels much better today, but I still feel the grumblings of malcontent in my lower quadrant. I'll try to keep that in mind when I'm attempting to do a flying 360 side-kick/back-fist combo in TSD tonight. Yep, I'm going to be attending class on a Friday. Unusual, but since I was unable to attend on Wednesday (the Mrs had a work obligation) I got permission and will take full advantage of it. Today is 'Dodge Ball' day so I'll be quite interested in what this will involve for the adult class. We have a test in a few weeks so I don't expect it to be anything too radical or extraordinarily dangerous. Of course, since Attila and Ghengis are in the Children's class ... I'll probably be the subject of a sustained attack there. Little buggers, they have a penchant for making me regret teaching them a skill that can be used in offensive maneuvers.

'Speaking' of offensive tools, the Tyrants have nearly mastered their list of 20 words they need to know. They are called 'sight' words, but we are going just a bit beyond that. I spell the word verbally to them and they figure out what the word is. We are also using flash-cards when I'm in the POS SuperSaturn. We'll be stopped at a red light and I'll pull out a card at random and they will tell me what it is. They are still having a bit of a tough time with it/is/in due to the ice-cream vs. igloo 'I' sound ... but I have faith that they will master that fairly quickly. They only have till June of 2008 though! Other words like 'Commie', 'Sycophantic Knuckle-Head', and 'Pyrrhic NutJob' were picked up immediately and used at the most inappropriate times. I'm SO going to be in the Principal's office on a weekly basis.

And, as is my custom when I have too much data rattling about in my head and not enough synapse dedicated to handling it (can you say THRASH?), I feel the urge to post a list. I do have some tasks that have been put on the back-burner due to .... other activities.

Patch hole in bathroom wall(new shower head caused this)
Polyurethane Wood for shelves (killed shelves to punch hole in wall)
Cut said wood for Shelves
Nail up remaining molding
Mow Pastoral Expanse
Rake/Suck-up leaves (mowing should accomplish most of this)
Clean leaves out of SandPit/TwinTowers
Till remainder of Agricultural Sector
Plant garlic
On top of all this, the Tyrants get their 5 yr booster shots this weekend. You know ... the usual stuff: Typhus, Malaria, Flesh-Eating Streptococcus, Phage, Superbug MRSA and Polititus of the brain. Usual stuff; should be a hoot.

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