White Lightning Axiom: Redux: On a roll ... with mayo.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


On a roll ... with mayo.

Wow ... its a dull day. YES! Because of my intense and unabating dedication, I get 4 hours of 'reward' time from work and a 'under the desk' award of 8 hours. I'm soooo going to use that. The 1st 4 is going to be used by sleeping in for an hour every day this week. Mmmmm. I end up getting in 45 minutes late (15 minutes is gained by less traffic) so it will last nearly all 5 days. Every day will be the same: Get up w/o an alarm clock, drop off kids (take care of dogs if the mrs does not), go to work and slouch through meetings making snarky remarks, then pick up the Tyrants for swimming, then Karate, and then adult Karate ... dinner, bath for twins, shower for me and off to bed. Ahhhhh, normality. Of course, there is that hiccup in my plan called Halloween. Always something, eh? Oh, and the singular notable event yesterday was the celebration on the behalf of the twins for them eating their entire lunch. With all the candy floating about, it's amazing that they are not swimming in a sugar stupor.

On a completely unrelated note, a meme from Jaws

10 Reasons why 2008 will be a Better Year

10. Like cheese, wine and sweat socks, I only get better with time.
9. My POS Saturn SL1 will be over 10 years old and still running ... woot!
8. I'll be hitting the 40 mark ... my doctors never expected me to get this far.
7. The Tyrants will be finishing phase 7D-12 of the global conquest plan.
6. My normal weight is now below 190 ... I'll be working on the 1lb/month plan
5. Our debt reduction plan should bear fruit.
4. The Tyrants will start 1st grade ... which means UNIFORMS
3. We will vacation closer to home this year ... probably Hershey again.
2. The Zoysia grass is taking over the lawn quite nicely.
1. Another year with my lovely family.

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