White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Night of Horrors

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Night of Horrors


Bwa-ha-ha-haaaa. Ok, nothing going on here. Most excellent. There should not be much to talk about since it was the regular schedule. Sleep, Drop off kids, work, pick up kids, swim, karate, adult karate, sleep. Yeah, predictable as hell, eh? Big difference for tomorrow is the night of tricks and treats. I'm going to skip swimming tonight, and obviously, there will be no karate tonight. That, after paying for next months dues, the test fees (for the 10th of next month) and the price of the new staff weapons for the Tyrants. I'll be expecting them to get their green belt with little difficulty. Although, after talking with Master Smith, I have concluded that we are getting much more for our money than we would ANYWHERE else. Apparently, other institutions charge extra for self-defense forms and weapon forms. That, and we go five times a week. Except this week, where the Tyrants will be donning their Optimus Prime and Briar Rose outfits instead of the 'dress whites'. I'll have much more to talk about after tonight, for certain.

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