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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Live Blogging Halloween ... not really

Well, here we are, the day after and my dreams of 'live blogging' are all asunder. Honestly, I had started down the path, but then realized the futility (silliness) of the whole thing. No matter, here are the details:

5:45 - turn on LED lights in pumpkins
6:00 - send out Tyrants with Mrs on their T-or-T mission
6:15 - first kid walks by on her way to a party - cat
6:20 - second lurkers : unk costume and her mom
6:30 - first gaggle : witch, thug, 2 monsters
6:40 - second gaggle : pirate, monster, baseball player
6:45 - 2 little fairies
6:50 - lamb in stroller
&;00 - firetruck wends its way though development
7:10 - witch and rag doll
7:15 - teenagers : 7 girls (DIRTY OLD MAN OOGLES INAPPROPRIATE COSTUMES and shakes head in disgust)
7:45 - bloody bride, cheer-leader, Tyrants arrive at Manor
7:55 - 4 teenage boys dressed as eemo thugs ... when are teenage boys not eemo thugs?
8:20 - 6 kids scoop out booty ... nearly empty!

So, that was that. I did get the standard flat-top haircut for the occasion and spent my time sitting out on the front porch with the laptop the whole time. That bench we had assembled in the mid-summer was a great boon for me. All in all, it was a fairly uneventful evening. Not the same as when I was a kid, you know. I remember that our neighborhood would look a lot like that scene in ET where the street was MOBBED by lemming like hordes of kids ... dressed mostly in parkas. This was Minnesota though. Oh well. Funny thing, later that evening, Jake wanders out of his room around midnight and insists that he needs 'adult company' to sleep with him because he is lonely. His sister will not do so I believe he may have seen one too many scary masks. So, he nestles in between the Mrs and myself and spends the night kicking the hell out of my kidneys. The price of parenting. I'll pay him back at TSD practice later.

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