White Lightning Axiom: Redux: TiVo

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Hmm, slow news day. Work has been interesting with little stuff trickling in between SCRUM Sprints. Working on a DSG/Cable Modem/TiVo issue with another guy. Not really a problem with the stuff I'm working with, but rather, more of a system abuse problem. Someone is trying to use our system as a hammer instead of what it was built to do. In the end, we will advise them to use the system as we had instructed them to and their problem will go away. Of course, that kind of resolution plays out only in my dreams.

TSD was ... different last night. I was sparring with a 2nd DAN black belt and got a back-kick to the nose for my trouble. Yes, the same nose that I smacked with a plumbing wrench last Sunday. Yes, it hurt but there was no crunchy reverberations though my skull or geysers of blood. Just a pride recession. It's hard moving this lump of flesh about quick enough to counter some of the combinations that thrown at me. I'll learn, I suppose. Some day (probably about 2 years), I'll be laying down the law with lesser belts as one of the 'brutal & thuggish black belt battalion'. I know, they are only trying to help me improve myself. I will be the ne plus ultra of MS TSD!

I was going to write about some noisome woman who parked in the access lane of a HP spot and when confronted, she questioned me saying that I could not POSSIBLY have any influence in the matter since I was wearing my Karate uniform. I know, the logic boggles the mind, I have to let it go.

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