White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Sick ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Sick ...

Yes ... again. Jake picked up some highly engineered cross-breed of EBola, West Nile and Bird Flu which he dutifully passed on to me. He picked it up on Friday, by Monday Evening, I was starting to drag. Ugh. Snot Factory of DOOM. He just has a runny nose, I have the whole gamut of undesirable immune reactions. Sore throat, fever, head ache, sloughing off of epidermal layers and expulsion of internal organs. You know, standard stuff for me. I'll get the wet-works boys in the sub-basement 3C to boil me up a replacement vat, but this just sucks. We had the first day back at Karate and Jake was in the worst possible place while I was diving into an unrecoverable tail-spin. Alexis is starting to show signs, but she is so damn resilient that she is more upset about the sunburn on her scalp than she is about the 'nose goblins'. Next week, I'll be heading up a development group (I'll be the scrum master) so I'll be buried again for 3 weeks. Always a challenge, it is, durned work.

In less grumpy news, the Ever Practical and Frugal Mrs and I are reviewing the annual budget for next year. Gha.

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