White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Recovery

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Last night, I did a snatch-and-run with the twins on my way back to the Manor. No swimming, no karate, no nothing. I even let them watch TV and eat candy till the Mrs got home. I spent my time thrashing and groaning in bed with a raging fever and an commensurate volume of nasal congestion. Even the cries of hunger from the bellicose Tyrants could not make me budge from my quilted coffin. Apparently, this is a summer bug going about. About 36 hours later I should be ok, but since Alexis got it too ... I don't know. She'll probably tweak the virus a bit and chuck it right back at me. She was good about it though. She crawled into bed and slept from 1800 till 0600 and was abnormally perky when she ambled into the Master Suite this morning. Sheesh, now I know how much my room-mates detested me when I would get up at 0500 go go jogging when I was young.

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