White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Friday Final Yard

Friday, August 24, 2007


Friday Final Yard

Finally, after 4 misfires, Friday has finally ignited the primer and is flying down the tube. Good thing too ... this week has been physically draining for me. The Tyrants are all up in a riot to boot. Their Water Play Friday was canceled as was their field trip to the Crayola Factory on Thursday. Oh boy. Much pillaging and burning would have commenced if I had not agreed to let them bring toys to the last day of camp today. Jake wanted to show off his Transformer called Swindle. I cautioned him to take great care with it since the last time he let one of these gold plated deluxe items out of his hands, one of the doors (Poor Bumblebee) was ignominiously removed. I've since tried to repair it, but those movable parts are quite hard to work with. The Mrs is a bit tweaked about this too. Apparently, you can get die-cast versions of noble Optimus Prime and praetorian Megatron, but none of the other riff-raff supporting characters. I let her know that I believed the 'Golden Age of Thomas the Tank Engine' may be coming to an end. Jovial Jake now has stepped into the realm of Legos, Race Cars and Robots. They grow too quickly, they do. Fortunately, Amicable Alexis is still in the pink princess ballerina barbie (WTF! Who did she pick that up from!?) mind-set. She'll love Disney World.

As for the previous night. Next verse, same as the first. Swim, TSD, Adult-Ass-Kicking TSD. I've got the next form down, I just need to refine it a bit. The Tyrants are working their way through ... Alexis is doing better at it than Jake. He is just a little too impatient. I'll have to pay a bit more attention to him for this next one. It's hard and he tends to slop through the forms. Probably because he is a little hungry and just a bit pooped.

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