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Tuesday, August 21, 2007



Again, a standard night. Swim went as expected, but no frolic with Miss Stephanie ... they had to be satisfied with using my cranium as a spring-board. Our two year membership probably still has a year left on it. We are making fairly good use of it ... well, except for the Mrs who only gets to dip her dainty toes in the tepid waters once every blue moon. Her raven black hair has not been bleached white (chemically, not from spousal stress) like the rest of the clan. And then there was TSD. The tyrants are quite interested in learning their next form to go from Orange to Green belt. One problem, they actually need to get sparing equipment as well. Now my sparring technique is atrocious. My universe is completely skewed by the understanding that I have not been ferociously pummeled blood yet. I've taken a few good pops from the black-belts, but my fellow under-mensch are either taking it easy on the 'Iron Crane' (I'm old, rusty and creaky) or they are intimidated by my hulking mass and do not want to be crushed when I fall on them. Either way, the Tyrants have no qualms on throwing shots at my crippled knee and are agile enough to scoot out from under my fall-zone. More on this later.

I read something today at Sand in the Gears, which is typically poignant with his writing:

I read about a writer once — I think it is Henry James — who would write a consistent amount every day. I try to do this, if only because it is like plumbing a well, and you have to keep digging into the heart of things. I write every day, but there are some days when you know the words will be fruitless, that they will be rock and broken earth, and not a drop of cool sweet water.
It makes me think that I need to do less blog reading in the evening and try to write a bit more. My past posts (beyond a year ago) were ... in my mind ... more insightful and perhaps a touch more elegant. Lately, I've been rushed and have even let my roundups fall by the wayside like abandoned hubcaps on the turnpike. I've been notified that they were appreciated and , if you can believe it, requested to be revived. Hmmm, I'll have to start moving on that soon. Time to re-evaluated my time management, it seems to be out of balance.

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