White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Angels at work

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Angels at work

In my home state of Minnesota, at any time I could have in residence; 28 Aunts&Uncles, 150 cousins and an innumerable horde of second cousins and shirt-tail relatives. The awful tragedy of 35 year old bridge collapse yesterday at rush hour, I'm working with the 'No news is good news' paradigm. To date, there are 4 confirmed fatalities and 30 reported missing. There were 50 cars and a school bus on the bridge at a time. That school bus had 52 children on it. I grieve for the wayworn commuters greeted with a watery end beneath the brackish waters of the Mississippi. Then, 52 children NOT dead.

UPDATE: Take a close look at this image.

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