White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Round-and-round

Tuesday, July 31, 2007



I've been a fairly busy boy at work of late... No, really! Things are in stasis here ... doing what needs to be done and all. And of a matter of course, I've been raiding the Agricultural Sector for fresh produce by the truck-load and depositing it in the Cafe'. I've got a reputation for being the Green Grocer. Not that I have much to do with the production now ... the wet humid nights and the hot humid days are more than enough to kick the Genetically Modified Man Eating plants to produce a 10 fold bounty. Afterwards, it was the standard swim/karate deal with the Tyrants. They, as usual, did not want to go swimming, but wanted to go to Karate. Then, when swimming was over, did not want to get out of the pool. No pleasing them, the twerps. That goes hand-in-hand with that whole bed fiasco. The Incredibly Patient (and horrifically intolerant of incompetents) Mrs called up the manufacturer of the bed rails with the complaints of non-conformance. They noted that they no longer did business with Babies-R-Us and we should ship the rails back for replacement of the correct color. We would have to pay for the UPS Ground shipping, but the rest would be at no cost. Apparently, the color makes a difference when it comes to the 'hook' angle. Something about a horizontal inverter and a lateral sky-hook and such. In the end, I need to repackage the bits-n-kibble strewn out across the lawn so we can get the correct(er) pieces. Soooo ... it may take a bit longer to get the beds assembled, but we are going to proceed with the purchase of the actual box-springs and such. Should we end up getting 'shafted', I'll just mill the damn things myself. From a tree ... cut down in the front yard ... damn-it.

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