White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Only 40 more years till retirement ...

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Only 40 more years till retirement ...

Yeah, another serendipitous post due to the nature of Agile Programming paradigms. I'll be curt and make a riposte dissertation of current events. Rather diametrically opposed to my usual confabulation. Mmmm, big words ... signifying nothing. But I digress, I did go swimming with the Tyrants yesterday. Nothing excessive, just tossing them 20-30 meters into the air so they could enjoy the unnerving sensation of uncontrolled descent. We went to karate afterwards. Attila and Genghis have a test on the 4th as well as Myself so we all need the practice ... but I'll have to subsist on the trenchant criticism of Master Smith to improve my lot since I cannot possibly go all out and attend the Adult class. No, this week I am the Avatar of the God of Slovenly Lumps. Even just this morning, I woke up with pain - gobble down pills and go back to sleep. Early bird be damned, I have sleep to catch up with!

In other less whiney news, I'll be on pager support duty this weekend, starting Friday morning. Ugh. I'm not entirely looking forward to that, dont ya know. The up side is that The Holy Grandparents will be down to take the kids off to Sesame Place while I rot away in the sullen mood I'm sure I'll envelop myself in. I've got distractions though ... mow the lawn, throw down some fertilizer ... finish off the molding in the Master Bed Room. Little stuff. We'll probably head off to the 'Dump' (a local warehouse outlet) to buy the mattress/box-spring sets for the twins so they can sleep in 'big beds' while Gramps has the truck available. Nothing like shaving a few dimes off the bill by providing your own delivery mechanisms. Oh, and there is this: (mdmhvonpa whipering sotto voce) It's Gramps birthday as well as their anniversary ... we'll have something to mark the occasion.

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