White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Fear and Loathing in Pennsyltucky

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Fear and Loathing in Pennsyltucky

Soooo, spent the day doing ... work. Yesterday, more of the same. Did go to the pool but skipped karate. Reversed it on Tuesday where I bagged the swim but took the kids to practice. I'm having a particular difficult time with an issue regarding the Hibernate database access. Initially, I suspected it was a a problem with the SNMP protocol not having the proper OID registered or some other accounting nonsense, but after excessive time burned on this I finally got a line I could follow to the origin of all the issues. Que interesting, no? Hopefully, I'll be in a better place soon since the test is on August 4th. For some reason, I have suspicious feeling that I have some other plans for that weekend ... not sure what. That kind of nebulous mental fog vexes me to no end. I'd blame MS but I know damn well it's my own sloppy mental hygiene 'activities' that may very well be the root of this. Maybe I'll blame cell phones, PDAs, the internet, automated spell checkers, wikipedia, TiVo and a host of other 'extra-cranial' aids that I've adapted into my semi-borg pseudo-cyborg life. What would I do without all the electronics in my life? One EMP and I'll be lost amongst a pile of failed electronics and piles of fried micro-chips. Reduced to steno-pads, erasure turds and pencil shavings. The horror, the horror.

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