White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Swimming with predators

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Swimming with predators

Nothing really going on here. Just getting psyched up for our trip out to Minnesota to reunite my inner being with my ancient ancestorial stomping grounds. There is one thing I have to mention though. I saw this on the news the other night ....
BRYN ATHYN, Pa. For the second time in a week an alligator has been captured in Pennypack Creek. Officials are concerned more reptiles could be lurking in the waters.

Animal control officers are warning parents to keep children away from the creek after discovery of the dangerous animal on Sunday.

Animal Control officers said the two and a half foot long gator is slightly smaller than the five foot long one captured in the same area on June 21.


Officials said the gators most likely fed on fish, frogs and snakes while in the creeks muddy waters. Because the cold-blooded creatures are able to submerge easily, authorities said they could be a threat to small animals and children.

"If threatened they'll certainly do damage to pets or small children which is definitely the public safety concern," Claycomb said.

Animal control officers are advising parents to keep their children away from Pennypack Creek as they check the region for more of the sharp toothed creatures.
Good grief. Now that I've taught the twins to swim, they cannot go near the water for fear of being eaten! I'll have to bring them to Gators which used to be in the Mall of America to show them that it tastes just like chicken.

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