White Lightning Axiom: Redux: More of the same, less of the different.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


More of the same, less of the different.

So, the new stuff: I got older, I got a support call and I've eaten too much fruit this week and my bathroom visitations have increased asymptotically. TMI? I managed to buckle my big toe in karate last night. Caught it on the mat while doing some pretty standard drills. It did not break or anything dire, it just feels like a Chinese bound lotus foot. [ed. I was going to supply a link here to wikipedia, but found the information so disturbing I chose to abstain]

Outside of this, all I can really say is that every day is just another day of sweet, sweet life with the family and very little worries. Oh, and I found an independent gas station nearby that has a posted price of $2.85/gal USD. Charmed life indeed.

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