White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Good dog ... SIT!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Good dog ... SIT!

Well, Alexis was milking the 'tummy grumbles' yesterday and complained that she did not want to go to swimming or karate. I decided that I would let it slide for one more day. I was still exhausted from the previous night's adventures regarding the Niagara Falls Water Heater of Exploding Doom and that Alexis was up at 3am too. My alacrity compliance was of some disconcertion to Jake, but once he found that he would be able to ride his Titan Rocket Powered Bicycle on the MileLongDriveway/TestTrack so his discontent melted away. I distinctly heard a nefarious chortle as he started the ignition countdown while I entered the Manor Decompression chamber air lock. I, myself, decided to skip the Adult TSD Practice as well. I'll pay for that specious decision in spades the next day. I've been regaining weight at an alarming rate over the weekend (5 lb!) and it's time to pay the piper.

Today, I'll be in the 'Advanced' super secret Java Training course ... deep in the lobby level of the main building on the complex. My mind is, by no means, a tabula rasa for this. I have a manner of misconceptions and ignorant conclusions which will certainly vex the instructor. The next 3 days will certainly be a test of patience. Should be fun! I'll update you all should a melee break out.

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