White Lightning Axiom: Redux: down side of the hill

Thursday, May 31, 2007


down side of the hill

Still in class ... with the additional benefit of having the wireless connectivity in the building gone wonky. Nobody can connect and only us folks near the wall who arrived early managed to get a hard-line. We are now the bourgeois elite. Hated and envied by the chattering hordes who must now depend on sneaker-net usb drive technology. Let them eat cake. More likely, they will rise up and usurp my autoritAH' and make me socialize the connection. We already tried getting a hub with little success. SO ... if I actually get this out it will be another amazing feat. With that said, enjoy if you are reading this. If not, then nobody was in the forest when the tree fell. Come back later when I've got my lumberjacking uniform on.[NOTE: Things got sketchy so this IS late, go figure]

So, my first day back at TSD since before the long weekend was not a journey though hades and across the river styx as I expected. There were just 4 of us in the adult class and we were all pretty much in the same boat. Of course, my MS made the 1000 degree room temperature a nearly intolerable traipse down the road to hell, but my fellow travelers were boiling in their own skins just the same so there was not differentiation between the young ambitious and the decrepit curmudgeons (Yeah Charlie, you count in the later category too). One thing that will help with this is the approach of the 'Summer Uniform Reprieve'. Instead of heavy woolen long-johns with hot fission reverse thermal reflectors, we get to wear the logo-emblazoned tshirts ... much cooler and significantly easier to deal with in the wash. You see, the black tshirts require a lot less bleach because I sweat pure toxic waste. Unpleasant stuff ... let it sit for more than 24 hours and it grows nasty, bitey fangs. June first is the official beginning of summer, there will be much rejoicing in the Haupertonain Manor Laundry and currency-aging department.

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