White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Yep, it's a real hum-dinger

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yep, it's a real hum-dinger


Yeah, yeah ... I've been lax in responding to your comments. Sorry ... still not quite on my feet yet. I've been plugging away at work resolving bugs in the new java/eclipse/j2ee/swing/hibernate/anything_under_the_sun environment. A big chunk of flash-bang is neat to play with so long as your hamster driven laptop can handle it. Mine cannot. I've been dumping more java memory heaps than my mastodonic cybernetic hounds of hell on the back-50. Oh, and I'm on support phone duty this week too. Yeah, it's all good.

Enough of my kvetching, lets talk about some good news. I'm coughing up less and less of my internal organs. I swear my lungs had a slice of scrapple lodged down in there. Out of the last 3 months, I think I've been well for only one week. Friggen overactive MS immune system. And I'm expecting a fresh crop of viruses and cruft since it is supposed to drop below freezing again this week. That this twists my nipples something fierce. I just got done tilling the Agricultural Sector and I'm all geared up to start the spring crops. Nothing like fresh lettuce and spinach for dinner. The twins actually ask for salad every night. I know, peculiar little buggers ... the admonish me for not waiting for the dinner prayers and then try to disabuse me of the idea that every meal need not have a full 4 course compliment. They are a bit agitated about the garden too. A full 3 days have passed since Daddy tilled the soil and still no green-beans, peas or carrots. What is up with that!? Since I'm on pager duty, I've been skipping the swim/karate routine ... no use in even trying since a call could come in at anytime ... and when it hits level 4, its always an emergency that needed attention an hour ago. So, the Turmultious Tyrants have been enjoying the sun-slathered evenings in the sand-pit ... busily digging up all the toys the buried last autumn. Little do they know that they have a karate test for their yellow belt coming up in 4 weeks. I'll have to work on this a bit with them so they don't get too rusty. Not that I'm all that worried. Just yesterday I had to ask Jake to STOP punching his teachers. For some reason, he things that the more robust ladies can take a few punches and not be harmed. It may be true, but it's not all that polite. He usually tempers the expected response by surrendering a hug and kiss before they have a chance to exhort a less violent greeting. Sly, he is.

Oh, and gas is $2.61USD, in these parts ... WTF!?

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