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Thursday, April 19, 2007


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I'm a bit low today. Not sure why ... just feeling somewhat melancholy. The night before, I skipped the adult class and did not go swimming with the kids. They splashed about while I paced like some forlorn shambling drifter along the side of the pool. Last night, we had the Karate Demo at the local Middle school. Really nice place. The demo was for about 2 hours and it completely wore me out. It was not as aggressive as a normal practice session would be though ... it was trying to maintain order amongst the ranks of upstart lilliputians that drained me. The usual stuff went on ... board breaking, forms, defense moves ... nothing that was extraordinary for us. Before anything got started, all the twerps felt compelled to run about the gymnasium (they called it a Cafetorium ... wtf!?) like a heard of frenzied lemmings. We did have a pretty good time afterwards. I took the Tyrants to the Hibachi Bar - Mt Fuji - and we had dinner there instead of me spending all night trying to get them to eat at home. That's always nice ... but the down side is that we still need to trek back to the Manor and subdue the Tyrants so they will capitulate and go to bed. That is always a challenge. Getting up the next morning in a 'spoon deficit' is never easy. Not sure if this is a standard case of the doldrums due to the rather unpleasant weather of if it's some manner of male pms. Maybe it's the unsurpassed difficulty of my current project (I'm so behind the learning curve that Sisyphus's lot certainly looks attractive). But it's Thursday ... which means that Friday is within shouting distance.

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