White Lightning Axiom: Redux: nightmare

Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Again, up to my eyeballs at work with the support detail. One thing I must post though, is my greatest fear. This morning, I woke up sweating and screaming at 0515. I had a dream that exercised my greatest fear. In my dream, myself and the Family Haupertonain were escaping from Turkey to India via a tunnel. Once we got to the other side of the border, Jovial Jake had to use what passed for a toilet there. He was squirming as I held him on the edge of the bowl. Suddenly, a rush of water passed through the toilet and he was sucked in and whisked away, head first. I had lost him with no chance of recovery. At that time, I woke. After a few moments, I went to his room, scooped him up and brought him into the bed where he slept between the Mrs and I till 0615. I'm still shaking and quite nauseous.

UPDATE: Coincidences like this freak me out:

Irena and the ten who went with her into the ghetto, used many, many methods to smuggle children out. There were five main means of escape: 1- using an ambulance a child could be taken out hidden under the stretcher. 2 - escape through the courthouse. 3 - a child could be taken out using the sewer pipes or other secret underground passages. 4- A trolley could carry out children hiding in a sack, in a trunk, a suitcase or something similar. 5 - if a child could pretend to be sick or was acutally very ill, it could be legally removed using the ambulance.

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