White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Frosty the snow-man ...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Frosty the snow-man ...

Wow ... keeping up with current events have left me with very little to keep up with. I'm contending with a bit of snow today though. March ... the portcullis to spring, has been particularly bitter. Last night, I made two steaks on the grill and the flickering blue flames of propane, those seeds of global warming, that kept my fingers from snapping off. So, apparently, I'm contributing to global warming by both burning fossil fuels AND eating meat. Well, that's what PETA says. Please pass the A1 sauce, it's damn cold here. Later today, I'll be picking up the Tyrants and letting them play in the snow till dinner time instead of going to swimming and karate practice. You gotta have fun sometimes and this is the first snow we have had here that did not come down as sheets of bone-raping ice.

In the news OUTSIDE the boundaries of the Haupertonaian empire ... there is the new Daylight Savings Time (DUMB DUMB DUMB!) this coming weekend. and of course, with this, I'll be on support phone duty the following week. I'll probably break my record of fielded calls. If so, I'll expect a larger corner office (my current is only as large as my boss's boss's office) and personal sycophant to tell me every 15 minutes that I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. SIGH Yeah, sure. Of course, all this fretting and peevish consternation is feeding upon itself. Somewhere within the MS Cabal I recall this quote: "Worry is like praying for something bad to happen". Yep, that pretty much sums it up, no?

Other pertinent/salient news that actually applies to the Haupertonian Empire: Hybrid cars. Now, I'm not going to spout more about global warming and the impact of humanity on it. What I am looking at is the almighty greenback. The Mrs saw a segment on CNet the other day that was recorded on our beloved TiVo and recommended that I watch it. And I saw this. Yes, it only gets 27/32 mpg ... but that's better than what I'm sqeezing out of the SuperSaturn POS right now and I have a fairly difficult time squeezing in and out of the damn thing without a 55 gallon barrel of petroleum gel. On top of the stingy $23K price tag [ed. I paid that for my current used car back in 97!], I'll get a Pennsyltucky State Government bonus payment for buying a hybrid car! So now, I can be a pushy hybrid owner AND spend the savings on steak and cigars! WOOT!

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