White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Clawing through the weeks

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Clawing through the weeks

This is awful. Just a blatant miscarriage of all that is right in the world. I'm just starting to get over this damn viral/bacterial/etc attack (yeah, I still have 2.5 weeks of antibiotics and steroids to choke down) and my turn at the pager detail is starting to loom ominously on the horizon like a double barrel twister targeting a single trailer home. Urg. At least I have hope. Everyone I talk to at work says that they have never seen it as bad as I had it and the following weeks have only produced a total that can match my own tally. I'm almost done closing all the cases that I got burdened with (they, like disease, linger and cripple) so I'll be able to start blogging a little more consistently. Yeah, right.

On the financial front, it looks like my accountant (Thanx Amish Dad!) says I owe a butt-load of taxes. I'll have to remember to reduce the number of allowances I have set up on my W2 ... I think I might be at 4 or 5. At least the Govt is not getting an interest free loan from me, but I'll have to break into the Tyrannical Twins' titanium belted piggy banks to cover this. The Mrs and I don't keep a lot of discretionary spending funds on hand to be tempted with. I did find out that my employer will cover my cable internet bill though. I just got the paperwork so now it's just a matter of pulling the receipts out of the Mrs Turing Machine Filing System and submitting them. Gotta love them MegaCorp Benefits! Now, if I could just get the health insurance to cover the costs of my winter produce, we would be living high on the hog ... the free-range vegetarian hog that is. I just need to dig deeeep into the subterranean sublevels of the Haupertonain underground empire ... probably to Sublevel 37NQ and find where the Mistress of Persistence has buried the paid bill receipts.

Gung-Gung (The Mrs's father) is down for the week, this past weekend and next weekend. The Mrs's Kute Kousin Karin and Her NeoCon Husband were here as well. The Preacher BIL is going to be down next weekend and so are the Amish Dad and Super Mom. So, you might get the idea that I've considered declaring the Manor a Bed-N-Breakfast if not for the transient population, but at least for the number of slumbering souls per square inch. And as a matter of course, the last few days we have seen the ambient temperature of SE Pennsyltucky drop though the floor. So, on goes the heat and out go the $$$. The first quarter of the Fiscal Year is always a rugged one. The bank accounts tend to run on fumes till all these little annoyances (taxes, Christmas bills, insurance premiums, etc...) are taken care of. Of course, that just paves the way for the Q3 annoyances. Urg. One thing of note: Since Gung-Gung is down, we are taking him to watch the Twin Tyrants of Terpitude swim and do their karate .... he really thought they were excellent swimmers so we'll have to wait on his evaluation of their martial arts skills. No wire tricks though, just raw power.

Speaking of Karate, I've had a bit of a rough time of late. The Adult Class has been KICKING MY SORRY SAGGY ASS big time. Last week, I damn near passed out and had to make an emergency run for my inhaler. I suppose I could have waited an extra week to jump back in but I'm afraid that I might balloon up and not fit through the front door if I waited any longer. This week, I'll be bringing the tyrants in to their class maybe once or twice and swimming will go on the back-burner as well. We want to maximize the time they can spend with Gung-Gung before he flies back to the PRC/Hong Kong. Then, it'll be a long-hard climb back into their usual 'Highly structured environment', but I'm sure it'll be appreciated buy the beneficiary parties on the down-slide. Relatives, swimming, karate, illness, covert missions to Iran, taxes, firewood, blah-blah-blah. Anyone have some extra spoons? I'm ready to negotiate a fair and equitable trade.

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