White Lightning Axiom: Redux: back on track

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


back on track

Hmmm, looks like I'm not quite dead yet. Sorry for disappearing like that. My work life expanded to absorb all my surplus time, don't you know. Over the last few weeks, I've finally gotten over that nasty set of infections and viral invasions ... just in time for Patients 0a and 0j to cook up a new set and pass them on to me. Yep, I'm sick again. It really cuts into my ability to get things done on the weekend when the schnoz is all buggered up like that. I really am starting to believe that I'll never be well again. BLETCH! At least I'll have some guilt leverage over my kids when they get older. "Dad, can I use the car? No, it has no gasoline since I've spent all the money on OTC cold remedies, you ungrateful little tyrant!" Oh well. Let's see ... what else is going on. I've scrubbed the bathroom floors between bouts of illness. The Mrs and I finally washed the stench of winter off the Cybernetic Hounds. Guess who got more wet? They instinctively know the most inopportune moment to shake off the soap and water. And then there is the weather. The last couple of weekends have presented us with all manner of precipitation, thusly preventing me from tilling the Agricultural Sector. The receding glacial field has revealed enough dog-dip to keep an army of dung beetles happy for an eon; That has kept me busy for the last few days. I've let the kids play in the Twin-Tower Sand Pit instead of going to the pool so I could attend to the crop of turds spread out as far as the eye could see. Good times. Karate is going well, the Twin Tyrants of Temerity are starting to understand the importance of the calisthenics and, with some gentle prodding (I hold their legs in the air), they are getting the idea of what a push-up is supposed to look like. Their Jumping Jacks are looking good too ... can you believe that some schools have banned them!? WTF! Finally, I think I'm going to have that Tankless Water Heater installed in April. The Mrs is complaining about the heat of the water and I cannot fault her. There are some additional plumbing need that can be addressed at the same time so it could be an all day affair. We'll have to schedule it when I'm not on Support Phone duty. So, there you are. How have YOU been doing?

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