White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Roundup 20070207

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Roundup 20070207

This is LONG over due, but I have lots of good excuses. You see, Elvis came to me with his band of merry aliens and asked me to help him fight off an impending invasion of Thetans. You see, the Scientology Advocates are all wrong about them. These ghostly invaders are actually Ethereal Spirit Suckers who are causing the MS plague. REALLY! So, I went with Elvis but he wanted to stop off in Vegas first to grab a bite to eat at one of the all night 'All you can Eat' Buffets. I thought he was talking about Las Vegas but instead, we ended up on one of the resort moons of Vega-7. Well, Elvis managed to get thrown in the Pokey for double-parking his space-cruiser in a tow-away zone and then throwing a hissy-fit when the Lesser Vegan Moon Parking Authority put it in the impound and SUPPOSEDLY scratched his ablative paint job. Sooo, I had to bail him out and we apparently missed the gigantic space battle where the Thetans were dissipated and the Galactic Bikini Team were the hero's of the day. Turns out, this is his Modus Operandi. He misses the battle, shows up late and gets to date the surviving chicks. I, of course, had to catch a slow freight barge back to earth that was hauling bad romance novels and DVD's of Barry Manilow's greatest hits back to an Export/Import Business located in Philly. Apparently they got wind that Barry's original name was 'Pincus' and that is a vile insult to your 3rd mating partner for some odd species that is protected as 'underpriviledged' in the Vegan Commiseration Act. Go figure.

Enough of that heap of banality, let's get down to the business at hand. At the top of the list is my long time blog buddy Tyron. She got caught up in the Great Blogger Inquisition and had to jump ship to the Typepad refugee camp. Change is good ... sometimes. I suppose though, when it is not crammed down you throat like a magazine at the hands of a deranged cyborg. Damn cyborgs ... always malfunctioning. I wonder if BlogSpot/Google has them on staff. In any event, make a note of Tyron's new (temporary) home.

Now, for some new (to me) MS blogs. First, Allison over at NetXperiment pointed out Splodge down in New Zealand. So then, we are going to circle the world with this Cabal!? The Sun will never set on our empire. Most unfortunate. Another addition is Sophie via Dave. She is a more video oriented blogger so I'll have to grok her offerings to get a better idea of what her experiences are like. Should be an interesting journey, I'm looking forward to it.

Now onto the chronicles of the hero's who walk among us. We have a set of very ambitions folk who are hotfooting it over the finish line that signifies the defeat of MS. Support them, in any way you can. Be it a friendly word of encouragement of a spartan financial donation. Libbi and Jamie (look here too) are committing themselves to the MS Walk challenge. Bold indeed. It gives me an idea that I'm going to work on myself. If everything works out, I'll speak of it more in later updates. Now, not to be outdone is Sean who is doing his bit by trekking over land on his bicycle so It's going to be quiet on his blog. I cannot imagine covering 50-100 miles a day on two wheels and a prayer, but he must have a legion of supporting well-wishers watching for him. Both Charles and I hope to bask in his triumphant glory when he rolls up the East Coast. Finally, there is a brief article posted by Allision about sky-diving. Hey Dave, ring a bell? Going to give that a second try? Personally, I'm a big chicken when it comes to heights so I'll leave my rump glued to this comfy seat and watch on in envy as those with more intestinal fortitude traipse through the sky where angels dance.

UPDATE: Pam is doing the MS Walk too ... not sure how I missed THAT!

Crossposted from Charles's site as a service to mankind!

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