White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Grind it up!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Grind it up!

Again, my mundane ways have produced nothing of much entertaining value. I did get put on the 'beeper' list at work. This involves carrying the support phone for a week. It's a bit dicy right now since we are going through a global version rollout. Of course, my first two 'hits' will be done with a seasoned team member. We shall see. It's on record that we get about one 4th level call a day, but to date we have only found that two of the calls actually revealed a system bug. The rest have been configuration or network SNAFUs.

On the Tyrant Front, there has been little change. I've started working with Jovial Jake and his uninhibited outbursts. Last week in Karate, he blurted out to Master Smith: 'I like your Hair!'. Ummm, ok. Jake, just raise your hand if you need something, save the flattery for after class. He is going to be a politician or an Apocalypse Insurance salesman someday. He is getting the gist of it though. Yesterday, he actually raised his hand so that his 'target' would come to him and squat down to his level. Then he would lean over and whisper into the ear of other party: 'I like you!' and then stroke their cheek. Oh boy, he is going to be trouble. Swimming went ok except that I forgot to make sure that there was a swimsuit in the 'Pool Bag' for me. I had to prance about the sides of the pool and bleat out admonishments towards the typically submerged submariner scion. Typically ignored. Eventually, they tired of not having a mobile launch platform and cut the swim session short by 15 minutes. Not much fun without having Daddy in the pool to dunk.

And now, this. Stem cells, space exploration, religion and SPAM all in one! So much potential here! I find it interesting that they used pork of all things. Sooo, no Jews (Except BLT Jews) or Muslims on Mars? But is it really 'unclean' if it never really ate anything? And can this be the straw that breaks the back of the vegan/PETA movement? I mean, it really never lived ... right? I can see Hormel picking this up and starting a 'Home Spam Generator' line of products. No more need to go to the store for spam, just grow it in your gestation tanks at home.

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