White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Weekend 20070127-29

Monday, January 29, 2007


Weekend 20070127-29

Here I am, cranking up the 'Way-Back-Machine' once again. Searching and scraping the bottom of my long term memory for a hint as to what the heck happened to the last 48 hours. For the most part, it was the same-old same-old. Other than it got stinking cold ... finally. The wood stove could not keep up and I actually had to turn on the furnace to get everything to a reasonable temperature above 0 Kalvin. Oh, that does remind me of one little thing. We had a power outage on Friday night due to some digging at the new Citgo gas station on the corner. I'm sure Hugo Chavez had something to do with it. He is waging a proxy war against the Haupertonian Empire by enlisting thuggish and pestiferous minions to launch harassment attacks against our supply lines. No matter, the power was back on within an hour or so, but we still had to go through all 100 levels of the complex and reset each of the damn clocks. All this after I had dropped off the POS SuperSaturn at the Mechanic's for inspection and any repairs to pass said inspection. Urgh. I ended up shelling out 400$ for new engine mounts. One was cracked, the other was gone. That explains the horrible shaking I've endured for the last few months. And here I thought I was just having tremors!

Saturday was a non-event. Laundry, messing about with the kids, etc. Sunday is usually when the rubber hits the road. That last desperate attempt to conflate all our efforts and accomplish something before sliding into the weekday morass of daily grindage. I woke up bright eyed and bushy-tailed to greet the day as another wonder of God's grace. Yeah, right. I was stuffed up with about 25 gallons of snot and felt about as bright-eyed as a blind cave fish. My physical ailments aside, I knew that I needed to get my but in gear so I could get the Tyrants to Sunday School ... And myself as well. If you arrive too late, parking spots are not available. Everyone likes to park around the perimeter so they can leave early and not get blocked in. This does, of course, lock-out anyone wanting to park inside where there are empty spots. Yes, even in God's house, people can be extraordinarily selfish. We used to have a 'parking lot militia', but it is a thankless job and there is no enforcement power ... just guilt. That (as a catholic) is usually more than enough of a hammer. But I digress. The reason I brought up Sunday School is that while out getting gasoline for the POS Saturn (once every 2 weeks, 11 gallons), I heard my name called out while pumping gasoline. Turn around and there is one of the mothers who's child (Nichole ... no, not really, protecting the innocent) is in the class. She waved hi and we spouted some non-sense about the weather. Hey, I'm getting famous! Children and their parents point and shout: 'Hey! There goes Mr. MdmhVonPA. Hi!' Yep, famous. And not in a overweening or presumptuous sort of way. No nekkid home videos, embarrassing paparazzi moments or Talk TV Cat Fights. It's nice to finally find my place in the grand scheme of things. With that said, while the Mrs was out shopping with Jovial Jake (It's the only time he is really well behaved ... My son, the shopping dive; GHAAA!) I took Alert Alexis out to the Wine & Liquor store. Our local PLBC franchise which has been allowed to break the mold and stay open on Sundays! HEATHENS! You will burn in that devil's juice you slurp up! Heh. Yeah. She enjoyed being a sybarite in training and helping me pick out the 'Best Wines'. These so happened to be the little 4 pack bottles with twist off caps. Needless to say, they sort-of disappeared from the cart before we checked out. The rest of Sunday was taken up by the weekly 'Doggie Dip Date' for the Mrs and I and the rare event of taking the Tyrants out while big, fluffy snow flakes were falling. We taught them the exquisite and complex art of catching snow-flakes on your tongue. Sorry, no photos of that. Just memories that will go with me to the grave.

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