White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Unspecified mundanity of unknown origin

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Unspecified mundanity of unknown origin

This is going to be a short one since there has been little rattling about my head lately. Of course, I've been so intent on work and such that I was hunched over my workstation a little too tensely for a little too long and strained this particularly troublesome set of muscles in my back. Right between the shoulder blades where I have no chance of massaging them myself. Urgh, what kind of work-place injury is that! It might be some lingering soft tissue damage from the accident 6 or so months ago. Little things like that creep up every so often. Most likely not MS, it doesn't usually present itself this way. And while I'm on the topic of chronic annoyances, we got a bit of mail from the insurance company who is handling the other persons side of it. They have decided that since there were no witnesses, it is now my fault (that she ran a red light) and I should pay them $11K. Uh-huh. Tell me that I'm surprised. Actually, I am a bit. I thought they would wait for another year so that I've completely forgotten all the details. I could have probably asked the Tyrants about it though and they would give me a blow by blow of the incident. Complete with rainbow puppies jumping out of the bushes and firetrucks shooting their hoses manned by 12 ballerina Barbie princesses. It's the details that matter, you know.

Other than the standard daily annoyances mentioned above, my traffic woes have mostly been quite mundane. I've found that there have been A LOT of dump trucks and sundry construction vehicles on the road these past few days. No good reason for this though. Road construction season is over. These lumbering hulks tend to waddle down the fast lane and really muck up the flow of traffic. They have to be in the fast lane since the slow lane is so cluttered with cruft and telephone poles they would eventually hit something. The various signage is posted right on the curb so the metal plaques hang out into the line of traffic and that is a prime target for the rear view mirrors on the cabs. So, into the passing lane they go and there I sit behind these belching leviathans till either I turn off or they do. A whole 15 minutes of torture I tell ya. I'll survive. At least traffic is moving, albeit slowly.

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