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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Roundup 20070124

I'm back in black and ready to do a bit of catchup ... or mustard ... in the field. There has been quite a bit of activity out there amongst the faithful and if you inspect the left bar, you'll find a few new faces (URLs) in there. Lets do a bit of meet and greet with our compatriots in the Great MS Battle.

First off, lets see who is new (to me and you). I'm going to do this alphabetical so as to not incur the wrath from the wrongly attributed of low ranking. At the top is Crippled Monkey (aka Damon Rose). This is a professional blogging endeavour (like that ... the extra 'u'?) supported by the BBC. This is mostly a mish-mash of disability news with a healthy helping of the European view. I'm thinking this is something Dave could possibly get involved with.

Next, we have Dissonance (Shannon) who also likes the Dresden Dolls. Drop in and peek about. She is not the most prolific writer, but there is plenty of well crafted posit postings to chew on.

Homer, who has already replied to one of my standard comment quips, is a kindred soul who has battled MS for what seems like an eternity ... or 10 years depending on how you look at that sort of thing. He has a lot of homeopathic ideas to consider so take your time while going over what is offered. I find that his path is similar to mine in a preponderance of ways.

Me&Mine has much to say and the literary force to do it. It's good to see someone with both the background and where-with-all (and probably no need of a spell checker) to get up and start blogging. I'll certainly be going back again to partake of her offerings.

Finally, YodaMamma (I'm sure there's a story behind that) is an adherent to bee sting venom therapy! I'm fairly excited to have finally found someone with first-hand experience with this. Of course, my own interaction with stinging insects has been less than acceptable. I still shudder at the memory of getting a hornet caught in my throat after swallowing down a drink of canned ice tea on that hot summer's day. Not quite the treatment either party had in mind, I'm certain.

Now for the risen dead; those who have come back from OTL status (Out To Lunch). At the top of my list is Stephen at One Life. He's back and still trying to make that work transition that will make for a less stressful life. I'm not going to steal all the thunder from his first post in nearly two months, so head over and welcome him back. Additionally, Joel (Tai Chi Management) has popped back into circulation. He's indicated that pain management with the use of reiki has been a saving grace over the last 8 years. Looking it up on the Internet will bury you with data so I'm hoping he'll post more on his experiences and direct references with this. I'm getting a bit tired of my meals of aspirin, ibuprofen and sodium naproxen.

And finally, a change of address. Maggs, our South African Friend has had enough of the Blogger experience and is moving over to Wordpress. You will find her at http://www.maggsbunny.wordpress.com/ so make a note of it and catch up with her going's on in the heatwave she is enduring while we in the Northern Hemisphere shovel out from the drifts of snow.

Crossposted from Charles's site as a service to mankind!

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