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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Roundup 20070109

Happy new year and all that other cruft. It's been a while since I've had the opportunity or time (read: motivation) to getting around to this. Many of you have been a bit quiet over the holidays and with good reason. No need for you to be haunting the subnets when you could deal with the 3 ghosts of Christmas right at home! So, let's get this new year rolling!

First off, I'd like to point out that Sherry over at WordSalad needs to be dealt with ASAP. She is showing her true form as a Borg and is twiddling with her Audio Implants in an effort to spy on us all via electronic signals! That, or MS is getting the best of her peripherals. I like to go with the tin-foil hat theory so I'll stick with the Star Trek theme. When you start mentioning things like pulse width and processing speed, you KNOW that warp drives are not far behind. Sure, she is only at warp 0.9 now, but before you know it, you're assimilated with a laser eyeball and a satellite dish mounted on your noggin.

Charles (self referential here?) dug up a new (to me) MS Blogger out there who is trying to raise a boat load of cash to support MS research. Good for her! Go over and take a peek at what Allison Reynolds is up to. Very early on but still very promising. Keep tuned for a potential interview by Charles On that note, Dave and I also noticed a little article regarding stem cell research. It's a fantastic read and more oriented around the idea that the opposing forces have a new discovery to rally around that is acceptable to all. Well, except for Christian Scientists, but they have their own ideas about medicine.

Context Switch: Tyron is doing her best to survive the winter in the snow-bound North-Western region of the US. She even has a pic of one of the elusive regional garden gargoyles falling victim to Gaia's fickle fits. Here is to the hope that she will manage to tunnel out from her redoubt before the next aerial assault hits in a few days. I offered to swap my 2 inches of mud for her 7 feet of snow, but she seemed relatively uninterested. I guess the idea of bulb flowers in February was less appealing than shoveling snow in April.

Speaking of shut-in, Pat over at MSCompanion is dealing with a self imposed quarantine. Looks like her and her hubby are playing dueling banjos with infectious seasonal diseases. Flu shots help, but you can still get sick. Break out the wet-wipes and anti-bacterial had gel before you surf over ... you don't want to catch a keyboard virus! And as for her take on vaccinations: "Hurray for moping! After all, it could have been deathly ill, flat-out in bed, with vomiting and diarrhea." Yep, I suppose a couple seconds of needle prick is a small price to pay in order to avoid the alternative.

Erik is back after a long spot. Just off the juice too after a rough ride with an MS Exacerbation. Steroids are always a tricky subject, and sometimes a neccessary evil. With three munchkins running about the house and a tower of managers hovering over your head, every little advantage should be taken. Even if it does leave a bad taste in your mouth and an insatiable appetite for month old Chrismass candies to boot.

Pam at Looking Forward is picking up Yoga. Even with a peanut gallery giving her emotional support, it's tough to get started with something as physically demanding and hope to keep it up. One good illness or flare-up can knock you off your tracks. I certanly hope that this "Proud Warrior" can go the distance and get those high-school blue jeans to fit again. With all the postive lifestyle changes she has implemented, I'm certain that this will be a great year for her and her and her Yoga Mat.

While we are on the subject of change, it looks like Zee has done a little plastic surgery on her site. Take a peek but if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. Otherwise, you'll be getting a delivery of fetid shark steaks delivered some time in March. An idle threat, I'm sure. I mean, who would waste such a treat! Now, fish entrails I can see. But never mind that, the site is fantastic no matter what she has to say about Cascading Style Sheets. And she is content. As content as we should all be. It those moments inbetween that defines our journey though this troubled world. Cherish the moments, for they are all that we really possess.

Crossposted from Charles's site as a service to mankind!

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