White Lightning Axiom: Redux: I punch like a sissy-girl.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I punch like a sissy-girl.

That's pretty much the totality of my TSD experience last night. Master smith said to me that I keep doing ballerina forms, I should post in my blog that my punches are all show and no substance. Of course, after an hour of swimming and an hour of 'kiddie karate', I tend to get a bit worn down. No excuses, I'll just need to turn the intensity up a notch. I cannot lean on my crutch forever and that being said, having a couple of gams fabricated of uncooked spaghetti and jointed with balls of leaded crystal really is no explanation for not setting the air on fire with the guns I've got hanging from my shoulders. A summer of splitting red-woods with Paul Bunyan's oft neglected splitting maul have left me with a bit more trapezius, bicep and tricep than needed. Not very helpful with the push-ups either since my pectorals have been completely disregarded and contribute nothing to my shock-wave producing punch ... in my mind.

Recently, my new employer has had layoffs announced. Turns out, it's mostly to consolidate since there are satellite offices all over the place. IT costs and facility support expenses were getting a bit onerous. There was an emergency meeting this morning to let us know that the division we are in will not be affected since we now hold the 'Goose who lays golden eggs' title. Funny thing about all this ... on my way into work this morning I was annoyed by the number of people failing to do little things like signal, stop at stop signs, yield right of way, etc .. . because they were much too busy yapping away on their NOT HANDLESS cell phones. This is on the way to work. The company who has a division that makes phones ... that people misuse ... and annoy me on my way to work. Hrmmmm....

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