White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Empty Tank

Friday, January 26, 2007


Empty Tank

Yeah ... I've slacked again. There has been very little noteworthy events to blog about really. And no, I did not watch the State of the Union. People are going to hear what they want to and minds have been made up about these matters well in advance. So, other than that, it's been the standard Pennsyltucky melancholy winter. Sucking the life out of me like some enormous juice box in the cold withered grip of old man winter. Yeah, it got cold here recently which pretty much spells out the doom the flowers are facing. It hit 15F last night. I wouldn't mind so much but it does get chilly enough in the house to prompt the Inscrutable Alexis to stop by for a visit after her early-morning potty break. Good Thing: she is not wetting her bed; Bad Thing: she uses my head as a dive platform to spelunk beneath the covers and then purees my kidneys with her tiny stainless steel knee caps. Heap the double whammy of 2 seperate viral attacks (1 kind from Jacob, a second variety from Alexis) and I'm fairly miserable. The Tyrants are busy being cute these days in order to dissimulate the obvious, they are two of the 4 horsemen. I'm thinking that we are in store for twins in the future just to collect the whole set. I can see my future social engagements now ... This is my Wife, Mrs Mdmhvonpa and here come the kids; War, Famine, Pestilence and of course, little Death over there peeing liquid fire into the punch bowl. Ain't they sweet?

One thing of interest, due to the record temperatures of late, gas prices are going down. Though, Evil Citgo seems to be in the business of undercutting it's competitors. Poor Hugo is probably hurting for cash now that he has wrecked his economy and poured 20% of the GNP into purchasing new weapon systems. I wont sacrifice the long view for short term gain here. Nope, it's Wawa gas for me at one cent/gallon more. One thin dime.

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