White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Weekend 20061209-11

Monday, December 11, 2006


Weekend 20061209-11

Not much to really get into about this weekend. I spent most of it languishing in bed or slumming about the Manor. I picked up something from Jake ... or the Mrs. Alexis NEVER gets sick so I'm thinking that perhaps she is a Typhoid Mary of sorts. In any event, Friday was a day of zip. Saturday, I had a burst of energy so I went out on Dog Dip Duty, swept up the Mile Long Driveway, restocked the wood brackets and then, I surveyed all I had done and proclaimed it to be good and re-initiated the slackerism. Sunday: Mortal combat with virus punctuated by cleaning the sink and catering to the Tyrants. I did manage to cook myself a couple cowboy ribeye steaks though. Only ate one though. I was going to put an image of a steak or something next to my pitiful offering, but was presented with this instead. Yeah, I feel as though the entire weekend was lost to some sort of soul-sucking leach of mundane impotency. Didn't get the lights up, sanding was not done, garden beds were not razed. I'm not entirely used to getting this little done. Perhaps next weekend. Perhaps.

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