White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Saved the village...

Friday, December 08, 2006


Saved the village...

This will be the first time I've managed to spool out a Friday post in quite some time. The recent events at work have made this possible. Fits-n-starts, you know. The surplus of activities yesterday made for a quite unremarkable span of time. I got gasoline in the morning for $2.31USD/gal ... not a good price, but since I only fill up once every 2 weeks, not overbearing either. The swim and TSD practice was not as aggressively difficult either. I did encounter another HP Parking Scum-Bag and the kids have determined that these are 'Bad People'. Ohhh, are these two my heroes or what! I left a note on the windshield (I think I know who is parking there and some day I'll talk to this individual). The least she could do is just park in the HP spot instead of blocking the access ramp for all. I'm sure it'll come down to something like "I didn't think anyone would mind." and I'll say, "Yes, you didn't think. Did you?". And the behavior will continue. Perhaps instead of polite notes I should buy a pack of bright orange stickers with "NO PARKING" printed on them.

Odd item to note: I'm really starting to appreciate my new employer. When leaving the complex today, I noticed that the 3 4 story flagpoles looked odd ... as I drove by, the picture became clear. All the flags were at half mast. December 7th, 1941. I'm starting to feel that these guys take patriotism fairly seriously. I wonder what they did on September 11th. Today, they are back up and once again I notice something I never thought to take note of before ... the POW flag beneath the US flag. As I drove away, off to pick up the Tyrants, I noted the Airbase was quite busy. The Marine Warthogs (A-10) were zipping about like a swarm of hornets, the Cavalry was scooting their choppers about and they even had what looked like a MH-53E Sea Dragon trimming the barren tree-tops. Quite a show, I was expecting to see an rubber-necking incident or two so I got my but out of there as quickly as possible. There was a high ceiling and the cold front had made visibility nearly infinite ... a good day for training drills I suppose. Or a good day to show that we won't be caught off guard again. Either way, it was quite a show. I love working where I am now, so many intangible benefits.

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