White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Roundup 20061213

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Roundup 20061213

It's been quite quiet out there. An eerie preternatural form of quiet, like one you experience right before a violent act of nature. Such as a tornado, or earthquake ... or Christmas. Yeah, that's it. Everyone is busy buying me GIFTS! YEAH! And I want a reciprocating Milwaukee V28 Sawzall ... and a new Husqvarna 3120XP 119cc chainsaw ... and a 10K watt Briggs & Stratton 9801 Portable Generator ... and earplugs. With all that noise amongst the silence, you'd need them. Yep, just like the ones that Libbi needed for her cat. Only difference is that the utilization of earplugs in her case was not typical. It makes me think, if a cat horks up a hairball in the hallway and nobody steps on it, did it really happen? Check the vet bill, it won't lie.

On the religious side, Miss Chris is starting to speak in tongues, or at least she is giving it her best effort. I'll expect her happy household to re-enact the Tower of Babble some time soon as the various languages of the world echo through the hallways. Like a Micro UN ... with out all the bickering. It would be nice if all members of the UN were required to have martial arts training ... the debates would be much more entertaining!

Speaking of entertaining, it seems that one of our highly regarded diplomats of the MSBlogosphere has recently been admitted to the hospital. We all cannot have good days all the time, but she deserves one more so than not. The prolific writing she has done is an inspiration to many of us and we pray for her rapid recovery and the return of her to the rightful position of High Chancellor of Literary Tomfoolery as soon as possible. It's just not the same without a healthy helping of BrainCheese from the Cornucopia of Crap. Drop her a note and let her know we miss her terribly.

The noise of silence continues to haunt me as I read through the ordeal that Wendy (GandKsMom) had to go through. A less than proficient doctor (beside manner? wazzat!?) has sentenced her to solitary confinement within an MRI. We love those things, no? Personally, I fall asleep in them every time. Although, I have the sneaking suspicion that the staff behind that mirrored glass window is looking up my gown or making faces at me. Mom always told me to make sure to wear clean underwear. It was her great fortune though, that she also fell into a blissful slumber with the help of Prince Valium. Me thinks that the Good Doctor has spent much to much time trying to terrify her about the Dark Hole of Calcutta and not enough time contemplating that a great part of being a physician is treating PEOPLE as well as the disease they suffer from.

Finally, Kim speaks up sans her podcast format to run down a list of all the wonders that research has produced this year. Not the Top 10 list you would expect either. Her efforts to keep this community informed have garnered her much silent approbation. Even in the harried days leading up to Christmas and New Years, she still finds time to pull out the bull-horn and keep us abreast of news that directly impacts us. So tune in, read her product, and sample the fruit of her silver tongue.

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