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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Roundup 20061206

Late again! I'll be late for my own funeral, no doubt. The universe is applying full force in keeping my from my appointed rounds. I shall have the last laugh though. Oh yes, arrogant universal oppressor, I shall post and post vividly of my electronic traversal of the MSScape of the Blogosphere! By the way, if I'm missing anyone here (my mind is like a sieve), just ping me (comments, email, smoke signal) and beckon me to to come hither and perused your literary offerings. Jeeze, that almost sounds dirty.

I found a 'new to me' blog the other day. Sean Spence has dedicated himself to a Missouri to Manhattan cycle trek that puts any manual locomotion I have ever done to shame. All of the proceeds will be donated to the National MS Society. Damn fine man be you Sean. Good luck and God speed.

On the other side of the world, Maggs is feeling the weight of the world slowly slip from her back as she counts down to her Chiropractic visit. Isn't that the way it goes? The second you step into the waiting room, your veins disappear and your symptoms fade. It must be something they put into the air like the smell of cookies vented out on Main Street USA at Disney World. It's a dirty plot to collect co-pays I tell ya!

While the King may have no robes, both Dave and Jamie are busy slipping something more comfortable on at their sites. Of course, you'll need to use IE to get the full effect, but such are the vicissitudes of the technical world we are all denizens. Check it out and ask questions should you feel that a change of scenery is for you. Me? I'm a stoic spartan so I'll stick with my command line arguments. I'll leave the aesthetic appreciation of an elegantly crafted template for the more artistic of the audience.

Speaking of artistic and appreciative of the arts, Beth's babe, Nehemiah, is really making his presence felt. If I ever get too full of myself, I just need to take a look at how a single, spiritual new mom with ms and a very interesting career is taking on the world and doing a very fine job of it. She makes me want to be a better person, and that's not just some bromide or platitude! She posts when opportunity presents itself so stay tuned!

Finally, my favorite 'pole dancer for MS', Sherry, is strutting her stuff at the PT bar. If I knew that PT could be so intriguing I would have signed up years ago. I see a business opportunity here for a new type of bar. MS folk stumble in to have a drink and strut their stuff. Would be hard for the local constabulary to determine if you had too much though ... we always stumble and slur our words. That being said, make sure to cheer her on as she sashays her sassy self to and fro. Odd, I think I know just the country song that would go good on her cybernetic iPod.

Crossposted from Charles's site as a service to mankind!

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