White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Penurious posting

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Penurious posting

Wow, a two-fer post. Meaning that, I'm a lazy slug and I did not feel up to posting yesterday so I'll slap all the news that is fit to print into todays chronicle of the Family Haupertonian. The smaller topic is the appearance of some rather rude and pushy automotive pilots on the local surface roads of late. I'm not quite sure if this is because of my 'dumbing down' from the savvy road rage attitude I held while doing my twice daily 30mile/75mph commute or if it is the effect of the 'Reason for the Season'. It may be in my best interests to start getting up about 20 minutes earlier (I've been sleeping in till of late) to avoid the peak density of morning rush-hour. That, or leave the plasma cannon and flechette dispensing tubes deployed while in transit. Fear, it's the other motivator.

And then there is Tung Soo Do practice. Tuesday night, in the 'Grownup' class, there was a treat waiting for me. Something called the 'Night of a Thousand Kicks'. Let me draw a picture for you. Imagine if you will, exhausting yourself with an hour of swimming, an hour of calisthenics and then opting to spend another 30-45 minutes precipitously balanced on an appendage where you have one toe that may be broken and a wrenched ankle. Then attempt to kick as high as your fatigued muscles will allow and fail to do so nearly every time you try. So, I'm starting out with 500 sloppy wuss kicks and 500 potentially good ones. Nope. Needless to say, if I used to limp a bit, I don't now since the motivation for movement is insufficient to overcome the intolerance for discomfort. Move, I do not, thus no limping. So, it'll be easier the next night, right? Hardly. I was introduced to the bungee cord punch correction technique. I would not call it a 'Night of a Thousand Punches' though. More apropos, 'A Night of a Thousand Invalid Sissy Slap-Fight Blows". Needless to say,(but I do anyways) I was provided with sufficient motivation to abandon my ballerina punches for the more effective and powerfully delivered ones (ie. ones of proper form and force). Given that there are greater things in this world to be feared then the pernicious vastitude of pain, the recidivist lassitude and nature of the human condition in the face of adversity is a constant foe against whom we must struggle. Even more so for those of us who carry the burden of infirmity or frailty. As a friend of BrainCheese noted, we must 'Lean into it'.

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