White Lightning Axiom: Redux: ow-ow-owwwie

Tuesday, January 02, 2007



I certainly hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and an equally liquid filled New Years Eve. Over the last two weeks, I've driven to the FOB and back again, watched the Twin Tyrants open a mountain of toys and slept in till noon on multiple occasions. I also managed to pop my right knee out of it's socket and spent 5 minutes crying like a little girl on the Karate mat. That pretty much put an end to anything I was going to do on the two days I took off before the weekend. So, other than the damage I've done to myself via physical exertion or the lifting of a bottle, I'm going to write off 2006 as a mixed bag. Just for good measure, the entire Family Haupertonian slept in this morning. Make that vacation last just a few more minutes, you know. They did not wake until I dropped them in the back seat of the POS SuperSaturn and they were quite morose about the whole 'return to normality' deal. Join the crowd kids.

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