White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Limited time offer

Monday, December 04, 2006


Limited time offer

It's been a while ... seems that Friday is also known as 'Dumping Day' where all unassigned tasks are doled out just in time for the staff meeting. Yep, all tasks have been assigned, nothing is waiting to be worked on. Harumph. In any event, I made it through the 3 adult classes and thus far, no assassin ninja strikes in the middle of the night have silenced this great white warrior from the land of lefsa and lutefisk. After that, not much to report. I got a wonderful thank-you letter from Erin with a perfunctory translation by her parents. You know, it was supposed to be anonymous but I guess the teachers ratted me out. Oh well. I did run into Erin this Fine Monday Morning and she was still in her morning stupor. Not a glimmer of recognition ... just the standard zombie stare at the TV where some Disney Video was spooling out. Saturday was a day of my own zombie like stupor. It finally became winter here in Pennsyltucky ... virtually overnight. It went for 76 to 40 in a day. That compelled me to light a fire, chop some wood, and stay put for the day. The Mrs and I did go out on a special date activity: picking up 2 weeks of dog dip from the yard. Yeah, we have the best times together. Sunday was better ... mostly for me. Got up a bit later, took the kids to Sunday School and then ran off to a Knights of Columbus 3rd degree Ceremony. Yep, that pretty much ate up the whole day. Got back to the Manor after 1630, started a fire and cooked dinner for the kids while wrapping up the laundry. The word-a-day deal with the kids is working out great ... right up until I noticed the sequence of letter requested by the ever crafty Jacob. Each day, they alternate who gets to pick the next letter. Jam, Art, Coal, Red, Otter, Sun, Bed ... he picked JCOB ... Alexis fell in by picking A ... in the RIGHT ORDER TO SPELL HIS NAME. I thought he only lived in the moment but this demonstrates a very keen appreciation of patience tendered in sight of a goal.

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