White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Give that gal a hand....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Give that gal a hand....

All I have to say, is "BY ODIN'S GREAT GIRDLE!".

MADRID: Spanish surgeons have successfully performed a double hand transplant on a 47-year-old woman. She had lost both her hands in an explosion in a laboratory where she was studying chemistry nearly 30 years ago. She is recuperating in the hospital, after the 10-hour surgery performed on 30 November.

According to Pedro Cavadas, teach leader of the surgeons at the La Fe de Valencia Hospital in Valencia, where the transplant surgery was performed, her new hands will recover sensation in five or six months. She is likely to be discharged from the hospital this week.
I'm wondering what this could mean for our boys coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan sans limbs.

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