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Monday, November 27, 2006



Yep, back to the grind ... as fine and satin soft as it may be. I got up a bit late on Monday morning, but managed to light a fire under the super-mass that composes my hind-quarters. The kids are suffering from Grandparent withdrawal as well. They are used to ambling into the master bedroom at an early hour and snuggling down between the accommodating and willing despoilers for an extra hour of snooze time. Nope, won't do. Although, I truly wish that I could do the same. Alas, it's time to pay the piper so as to stave off the waves of pestiferous rodents. I'm certain that this reed instrument toting kidnapper would think twice after trying to lure my two 'music lovers' away though. It's hard to prance about with a flute crammed up your nose ... or elsewhere.

Since we were AWOL from the Manor over the weekend, we have limited provisions of the fresh fruit and vegetable variety in the larder. Sure; the deep freeze is loaded with angus beef, free range chicken and all manner of pork presentations ... but that is weekend stuff. Just a few withered apples, a few spotted bananas and some clementines. I have a whole shelf of dried fruit at work, but it's just not the same. I'll let you know how many pounds I shed by Friday ... I'm doing double TSD on Tues/Wed/Thurs in addition to the swimming now so I'll wager it may be significant. Speaking of seeing ribs, mine are better now ... just some minor tenderness. I'll be making quite sure to protect them this evening.

Oh, and for all your who are interested, gasoline is at $2.23USD here ... the Mrs can get it for a bit less near her place of employment. Never made it to $1.37, did it?

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