White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Roundup 20061128

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Roundup 20061128

Since everyone out there was fairly wound up with giving thanks (except Zen, of course, for her own good reason) on Turkey Day, it was fairly quiet out there on the wire. I had to pick through and find those hearty souls who were dripping gravy on the keyboard while watching the inflated characters float down 34th Street. For the 80th time apparently.

Speaking of hot air blowing, apparently the Fall Wind Season has finally come to a halt up there in Alaska. AK-Michelle is more than relieved to be able to go out and not be whisked away to Oz along with the disgruntled cattle. She, of course, denies that she is a Snow-Bird in the making. And you know, I never heard of someone hoping it would warm up a bit so it WOULD snow. Damn, that's cold! Reminds me of that one winter in Minnesota where Gramps went out to the barn to light up a heater for the cows and the damn flame froze on the match!

Sister Jane has finished her migration and finally arrived here in the land of Eastern Standard Time and is busy rattling around her new empty house like a BB in a gnat's ass. The problem with moving into a new, large and rather empty space is how your fill it. Ikea will have a good quarter.

UK-Dave is busy with preparing for the arrival of his favorite bird. Not the US variety, but quite the catch for him. I'll expect to hear very little from him in the near future but the after-glow will probably shine for quite some time. Speaking of an irrepressible glow, Zee has found that as you age, certain things you could once eat become verboten. She has a bit of an issue with the veggie that is a fruit, and I do feel quite sorry for her predicament. No more hot tomato soup to chase away the winter chill ... she will have to stick to chicken soup. A bird of a different feather entirely.

Speaking of birds and migration, Suzy has a little open thread going on over at her corner (and ever expanding corner it is!) of the web. A little issue that seems to be getting only one side of the argument exercised about illegal immigration. If you have an opinion (who doesn't?), go on over and leave a note. She could use the input. Think of it this way, you have an opportunity to influence one of the influencers!

And now for the peanut gallery. Not so much that they have not a spec of influence, I just cannot seem to find any reference to birds, migration or and avian theme to tie them in. So here is the grab-bag of featured bloggers: Karyl cum Noah is finding that a 21 year old son, a 90 lb 'killer' dog and 3 cats in the ark can make for a very interesting holiday season. Perhaps she can send out the dove with an olive branch? (Ah-HAH! I got a bird in that hand, now for 2 in the bush.) Heidi over at just above the abyss is a MS blogger new to me so drop in and read about her Ducks Unlimited banquet ... she has a lot to say and puts me to task with the length of her posts. Yet another Nanook-Canook in the Haupertonian MS Cabal. I swear they are taking over. Finally, shoester, the legal eagle (HAH, three birds with one stone! Damn I'm good.) has a clip from an article regarding the newest anti-inflammatory potential product ... from of all places, Avon. Apparently, this has been tested on animals. Gorillas ... by their own accord! I wonder what the animal activists will have to say about our cousins w/o opposable thumbs crashing the Vioxx/Celebrex/Bextra market. And if it causes health issues, will they be liable for fraud!?

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